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yayyy [Aug. 23rd, 2006|09:52 am]
hrmmm last night i went to the drivein with rickkk and we saw snakes on a plane, and clerks 2... snakes on a plane was an ok movie... i mean i didnt wanna see it cuz every boy that has an ounce os testosterone in him was orgasming over that movie and i personally thought it was retarded... but really i didnt care what movie it was as long as i wa with rick...

clerks 2 was pretty good, i missed a lot of it cuz me and rick had a really intense conversation, but the end made me cry a whole lot, and i am just glad i got to talk to rick cuz noww i fel like a heavy weight has been lifted...

im really not bummed out by everyone leaving for collgege... the way i see it is that we're becoming adults... friends grow apart and its part of life, and strong friendships can endure the college experience... i mean ppl will be back in a week for labor day prob(well a lot of ppl will at least)... and hten 3 monthes for thanksgiving, and then in not even a month for holiday break.... and then they go back for maybe 4 months until spring break, and then a few months and then theyre done again... and sure everyones going to grow and change but thats a goood thing... granted next year ill be upset cuz rick will be leaving, but i love him enough to know that we'll be ok... technology has a wonderful way in keeping friends in touch

oh did i mention hot college boys? if u ever feel sad just cry on their shoulder... winkwink

newayssss i start school on monday, so i gues si have no more days to really sleep in... damnnn

[User Picture]From: joeneedstosleep
2006-08-24 04:29 am (UTC)
hey, glad to hear you're taking this whole thing better than most people.
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