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ooo lala [May. 23rd, 2006|09:33 pm]
its cold, and stuff

i finally switched my high school facebook to college... yea im cool...

and im cold, like really cold

and i have nothing else to say...

well actually i do... ppl who try to sound like they know everything piss me off... its like all these ppl think they sound so intelligent getting into arguments about how the world started and if god exists... and in the process of doing so they sound like complete dumbasses... they use the same arguments that every other person b4 them has said, but they mess up parts and pieces... they argue about things and dont listent o each other, they contradict themselves constantly... often times in the same sentence... and honestly no one really wants to hear u make an ass of urself

seriously if ur goin to argue about something, at the very least come up with ur own original argument and not some chewed up cliche argument u heard on the daily show... damnit

or argue about something that actually matters...