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oh i love life [Apr. 10th, 2006|09:50 pm]
so finally booked the limo... big smile yay

so ive been thinking... we have what like 2 months of school left.... and everyone is in this bitter, emo, i hate life, and omg my lifes so hard kinda mood... honestly... im kinda sick of it tho, b/c WE HAVE 2 MONTHS LEFT... if u really wanna be that bitter and complain every chance u get about worthless things for the next two months... then go right ahead and do so, but im not doing that nemore... im going to go to pautlers at least once a week... have fun every chance i get, yell at whoever pisses me off and then get over it, and basically just be happy...

so if u wanna be bitter and complain well... ur more than welcome to complain to me... but im not going to worry about it much... cuz 2 months left... and i intend on enjoying these two months to their fullest extent... if ur going to get mad over something extremely insignificant... ill prob laugh at how retarded the situation is... if ur going to cry b/c the o.c. got cancelled tho, ill cry with u cuz thats a big deal

oh pautlers makes life complete... theres nothing better than some exercise(endorphins) and ice cream(fattness)

basically guys... cheer up... theres no time left to be bitter... i suggest a nice pint of ice cream and the o.c. seasons one and two...if u wanna borrow them just ask.... and remind me incessantly

better yet... if u want company call me up and then come on over... nothings better than eating sundaes while watching the oc with a friend and talking thru lifes problems while crying b/c marissa just got stoned and inpregnanted a 14 y/o child